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Security, CCTV and Access Control

Door Entry Systems

Diamond AV’s door entry systems give peace of mind. Being able to see who’s at the front gate or your front door requesting access, from the comfort of your home. Our latest IP door entry systems also enable you to view who’s at the door on your smartphone – and you don’t even have to be at home to answer.

Our internal hands-free handsets are mounted into a wall and use high resolution colour screens to make viewing easy. They have the added benefit of a built-in intercom function, so you can call another handset upstairs, for example.



Access Control

Cost-effective forms of access control into a home or workspace include keyfob or card readers, and push button keypads requiring a PIN code. There is the added ability to log entrance and exit times of users, which is often useful information for a commercial premises, whether it’s to know who’s in the building in the case of an evacuation emergency, or part of an equation for working out company efficiency.

More advanced access control systems that Diamond AV offer include fingerprint readers, retina scanners and facial recognition camera systems.




A number of years ago, CCTV camera systems were analogue. Whilst these systems are still widely available, we’ve now moved into the world of IP (Internet Protocol) camera systems. These typically offer better picture quality over their analogue predecessors, with higher picture resolutions (think 4K+ TV resolutions versus Full HD). Other advantages of the latest IP systems include ……………


There are four main types of CCTV camera design: dome, turret, bullet and PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom). All four have their strengths in a particular application. For example, a dome and turret camera usually have a wide viewing angle that makes them suitable for covering a wide area at the front of a house. By contrast, a bullet camera normally has a more acute viewing angle but may have a longer nightvision capability, so is perfect for coverage down the side of a house. A PTZ camera can be controlled remotely to swivel and be aimed remotely, as well as zoom in on an object, which is why they are commonplace for controlled surveillance of city streets.

Diamond AV can also add Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) software to your CCTV system and with the right control system in place, we can have your driveway gate open automatically for recognised number plates of your choice.

All cameras can be viewed remotely on your smart device, whereby you can call up particular times in history within the recorded range and fast forward or rewind to find an exact time or event.