Smart Home Automation

Control everything in your home with just a touch of a button

If you’re looking to bring your home into the 21st century with technology such as a lighting control system, video door entry, CCTV, heating and cooling control, audio and video distribution, it’s likely that you’ll have Apps on your tablet or smartphone for each of these services. Diamond AV’s smart home control systems bring all of these Apps into one control platform, so there’s no need to App jump to control them. This makes it much quicker and easier for you and your family to access the different services

Smart Home Automation

A typical smart home control system will include a centralised processor, which is the brains of the control, centralised amplification for audio distribution, in-wall colour touchscreens for controlling the system (as well as tablets and smartphones) and handheld universal remote controls for TV and projection rooms

We can also program the control system to your individual requirements. For example, when you want to access your audio distribution system, it can take you directly to a selection of your favourite radio stations and your subscription music service of choice, such as Spotify. The latest 8” Elan in-wall colour touchscreen controllers which can be used to access the services in your home alongside tablets and smartphones, even has facial recognition built-in. We can therefore program different user interfaces for each member of the family, so that the aforementioned selection of favourite radio stations are personal to you, for example

Control systems can also include handheld universal remote controls, that are particularly useful for controlling TV or projectors and connected video sources and soundbars or amplification. The universal remote replaces the collection of individual remotes on your coffee table. We program the remote to perform a number of commands with the press of a button; press ‘Watch TV’ on colour touchscreen of the handheld remote and it will turn your TV on and be on the correct input, turn your Sky Q box on and turn your soundbar on, all with one press. You’re then ready to use familiar hard buttons on the lower half of the remote to turn the volume up and change channel. Therefore making it easier for you and your family to use the system, whilst removing coffee table clutter at the same time.

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