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With the ever-increasing functionality and usage of smart phones and tablets, wi fi is a crucial part to our daily lives, both at work and at home.

Diamond AV design, install and configure wi fi networks that are robust and provide a range covering your whole home or office space, that means you no longer have to stand right next to the wi fi router to get a signal.

Whilst wi fi is great for most applications, a hard-wired connection is still sometimes preferable. For example, when streaming 4K video content. A wired data network also makes it easier to install a stable wi fi network.

Our data networks use the latest cable standards, which include Category 6 (Cat6), Category 6A (Cat6A), Category 7A (Cat7A) and even fibre cable. Our network designs are built to carry lots of information via high bandwidths, so are more than capable for today’s and future requirements

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