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The term Home Cinema conjures up different images for different people. For some, it means a dedicated cinema room in the basement with a large projector screen, rows of cinema seats with integrated cup-holders and multiple surround sound speaker channels and subwoofers. For others, it’s a soundbar mounted below a large TV. We can provide either of these solutions and every permutation in-between, so for Diamond AV, home cinema means providing you with the perfect home cinema solution that comes in or below budget and exceeds expectations when it comes to the out-right performance.



We have a wealth of experience and genuine love for helping people realise their visions. For a full-blown dedicated cinema room, we’re able to design from the ground up. This can include anything from lighting design, the construction of the room walls, and the hugely important aspect of acoustic treatments for maximising the potential of your system’s performance. If used in the correct way, acoustic treatments can transform a very average sounding system into one that sounds amazing.


Acoustic treatments can in general terms cover three aspects in a cinema room; sound-proofing, sound absorption and sound diffusion. We will assess each client’s room on an individual basis to provide recommendations we feel are right for that particular space. With the introduction of new acoustic materials and our expertise mean that you know longer have to cover your cinema walls with egg boxes or carpet! In fact, certain acoustic materials can actually enhance the overall aesthetic design of a room.


A traditional surround sound set-up includes in or on wall speakers and a subwoofer or two. A traditional 7.2 surround system would have three speakers for the front wall, one on each side wall and two for the rear wall, plus two subwoofers. One of the latest technologies available adds Dolby Atmos. A 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos speaker set-up would include the aforementioned seven surround channels in or on a wall, but typically includes four in-ceiling speakers in addition. With the right Dolby Atmos source material, this can create spectacular sound effects, with sounds now coming from above for an even more immersive surround effect.


Projectors from the likes of JVC and Sony are now readily available with native 4K resolutions for highly detailed images. Technological advances also mean that they can display HDR (High Dynamic Range) content in all their glory, giving more realism to projected images.




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Bespoke Home Cinema

Wish you could enjoy your movies in ultra high definition, on a large format screen with true dolby atmos surround sound and a rich bass that makes you feel as if your walls are coming down?
Here at Diamond Audio Visual, we design and commission a home cinema that brings you very close to the action

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